Sample Interior Designs

Creating a cool contemporary kitchen fully open to the living and dining areas of this Cambridge condominium ... and its beautiful views of the Charles River Basin … while maintaining a warmth that welcomes the homeowner, friends and family … had us walking a design ‘tight-rope’!

The result is a striking kitchen with glass and stainless steel counters … a wood backsplash … softly rounded cabinetry and architectural details … and a suite of ‘leading edge’ appliances … which all support the value of this special home ... and makes using this kitchen a joy for everything from 'on-the-run snacks' to graciously entertaining friends and family.

Creating a fully functional kitchen for a gourmet chef in a 7.5’ x 9’ space in a Beacon Hill condominium was a serious challenge! Finding space for a significant amount of storage, adequate preparation and serving counters, a full suite of professional appliances, and a large sink … while still leaving room to move around with comfort … required genuine ‘design magic’.

The resulting classic kitchen is appropriately formal without being fragile, fussy, or overpowering … it functions beautifully … and it has dramatically increased the value of this lovely compact home.

Creating a bright, airy, hard working kitchen for a young growing family with a Mom and Dad who both actively cook … and one that can stand up to the hard use of small children, family, and friends … while serving as a warm and welcoming focal point and ‘heart’ of this large Hingham Massachusetts home … kept us working late!

The result is a beautiful traditional space with 'dual cooking stations' ... that gracefully supports a wide range of activities … while significantly increasing the value of this wonderful home.

Creating a light, open, fully functional 'pocket kitchen' deep in the interior of this Brookline Massachusetts condominium ... with a comfortable breakfast area, large pantry, bar, and substantial buffet serving area ... was no small challenge.

The result of our work is a striking contemporary installation which makes a great new ‘heart’ for this delightful small home … dramatically improves the appearance, utility, and value of the unit ... and gives the 'chef' a bright and organized work space where she is now fully ‘part of the party’!

Replacing a dim, lackluster, poorly planned kitchen for an active young Wellesley family … with a bright, simply elegant, highly functional kitchen center supporting everything from impromptu art projects, to quick breakfast for the kids, to welcoming large groups of family and friends with room for everyone to ‘pitch in’ … required especially thoughtful and creative planning!

The result is a handsome, gracious, welcoming new ‘center of activity’ for this family … with the bonus of a great organization area at the back door, a special baking area, a standing height home office for Mom … and the addition of significant value to this charming home.

Creating a ‘spa like’ ladies bathroom with substantial storage, in the space of an existing 7’x 9’ bathroom, was a genuine challenge! But by using some extra space from a neighboring closet ... and adding a barrel vault ceiling ... we were able to make an ‘oasis’ that is exactly what this busy Wellesley Mom & High-Tec Exec needs!

The bath is built around a sweet family heirloom chandelier, cloaked in soft colors, with a soothing large air-jet soaking tub, warm bamboo floors, nickel plated hardware with crystal accents, crisp stain resistant quartz man-made counters and tub deck, very carefully designed cabinetry that makes use of every possible inch of space ... and precisely balanced lighting which is easy to control for exactly the right effect.

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